RMCA Executive and Patrons

RMCA Executive Members

  • Secretary/Treasurer            Yuehan  Zhang
  • President                                Shan Gao
  • Vice President                       Xishan Tang
  • Vice President                       Jianhong Chen
  • Vice President                       Qiuming Gu
  • Vice President                       Yiping Zhang
  • Vice President                       Sandra Zhang

RMCA Office Bearers

  • Public Officer                         Huitong Lv

RMCA Patrons

City of Canada Bayhttp://www.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/


Phone  9911 6555 (24 hours, 7 days a week)
Waste hotline 1300 551 659
Email  council@canadabay.nsw.gov.au
Postal  Locked Bag 1470, Drummoyne  NSW  1470

Michael Megna              Councillor City of Canada Bay

Michael Megna was elected to Drummoyne Council in 1987 and served  4 years as Deputy Mayor and 6 years as Mayor. He was elected to the City of Canada Bay Council in 2004 and was Deputy Mayor for one term.Michael is currently serving in his 6th four-year term and has represented his community for over 20 years.Michael has a strong interest in utilising our river transport system and was instrumental in securing new Rivercat services and wharves at Chiswick, Cabarita and Abbotsford. He also secured funding for the construction of the Bay Run around Iron Cove. Being a lifelong, 3rd generation Canada Bay resident, Michael is a strong community representative and is a good advocate for local residents when it comes to their issues of concern.Michael is a Chartered Tax Advisor and has operated a business in Five Dock since 1974. He is married with two children.