About the RMCA

The Rhodes Multicultural Community Association Inc. (RMCA) was formed on Australia Day 2014. Prior to the formation of the RMCA, a group of Chinese speaking women at Rhodes had informally met and called themselves Hua Yi.

This Group existed for over 1 year with about 30 women meeting, exercising and dancing together. The decision to form the Rhodes Multicultural Community Association was motivated by a commitment to embrace and celebrate multiculturalism on the Rhodes Peninsula. Hua Yi is now incorporated in the RMCA.

The Association now has recruited many non-Chinese speaking members and is seeking to encourage Rhodes residents born in Australia or anywhere overseas to join and work with us to make Rhodes an even better place to live. We want to celebrate our cultural diversity and support campaigns for social justice and equity We dance and exercise most nights of the week. We have performed at many community events at Rhodes, Wentworth Point and Meadowbank. The Rhodes Multicultural Community Association wants to build friendship and support for each other and build “community”.

We regularly exercise and dance together, but want to look at other activities that promote our goals. We provide a weekly Basic English as a second language course for residents who want to improve their English. This class is held 7pm on Monday nights at The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive Rhodes. For more information, please email to rmca_secretary@outlook.com. If you want to volunteer to teach or enroll as a student contact the RMCA now.

We organized the Rhodes Moon Festival since 2014, assisted Communities for Communities organize Rhodes Lunar New Year celebrations every year. Our next Festival celebration is on 24th Feb 2024 at Rhodes Foreshore Park.

 We thank the Mayor of the City of Canada Bay Angelo Tsirekas for his advice and assistance in the formation of our Association.

What Can You Do?

  1. Join the RMCA
  2. Buy one of our “I Love Rhodes” T-Shirts
  3. Make a Donation to the RMCA